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eMail is not Email is not E-mail

Face it, just sending and receiving eMail is not enough anymore.  Most people have multiple devices that all need to stay synchronized not just for eMail but also your contacts and calendars.  And not just for yourself but to be able to share calendars with co-workers or family members.

One of our most popular services is helping you communicate and collaborate.  Whether it is helping you setup your own eMail server or hosting it for you. 


Hosting services

We provide hosting services.  We also specialize in dynamic web sites that use a data source behind the scene to build web sites on the fly, such as a shopping cart. 

Speaking of shopping carts, do you need help setting up or improving your credit card processing?  We can put you in contact with experts that can save you from the headache and get you the most competitive services available.

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Backup services

Looking for a off-site backup solution?  We provide multi destination backup services that require no effort on your part and you receive daily backup reports.

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Value added reseller

We help you determine what you need. As a VAR, we can help you get the equipment and software as a turn-key solution.

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Database development, web page development, mobile device programming or all of the above working together.

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Planning, workflow analysis, network evaluations, training.  We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how to improve the way you use technology in your business.

Service & Support

We respond and evaluate the problem with a broad perspective to isolate both cause and solution. 

Our goal is to make you as self sufficient as possible, letting the technology work for you.  However, when this is not possible we are able to connect in remotely or will come on-site when needed.