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Data Backup & Recovery

How would you feel if . . . 

You receive a phone call on Saturday saying . . .

"We need to recover a file but we did not know the backup was not running."

"A fire destroyed everything, even the backup tapes that were in my briefcase."

"We had no idea the backup tapes were that old and were having trouble."

What is the cost to lose data?

An employee can spend several hours or more on a single document.  What did it cost you the first time for them to create it?  Now your going to pay them again!

An accounting file can set you back months if it becomes corrupt or lost.  This will not only cost you the data entry time, it will cost you the confidence that you have it right the second time.

Now think about all the data you spent years gathering.  How do you do without it?

Multiple Backup Locations

With our backup solution your data is backed up to multiple locations.  

 • Local backup allows very fast recovery of single file or whole recovery.

 • Regional backup allows quick recovery in the event of a fire.

 • National backup provides recovery from a regional loss, such as a tornado.

Backups are done at a block level so even if you made changes to a file since the last backup, only the changed data is backed up with compressions, allowing extremely fast backups.  This data is encrypted at your location before ever being transmitted.  This means even those people managing the remote systems can not see your file names or get to your data.

8 Reasons Data Is Often Lost

     #1  A backup plan was never implemented.

     #2  Someone accidentally deleted the files.

     #3  Equipment failure caused all data to be lost.

     #4  Disgruntled employee erased the data.

     #5  Equipment and data lost due to theft.

     #6  Fire wiped out everything in the building.

     #7  A natural flood from sprinkler system caused water damage.

     #8  Severe weather such as a tornado caused damage.