Cutting Edge Thinking

Practical Solutions


When KVC entered the computer consulting industry, it did so in response to several specific industry needs.

the motivation behind KVC

  1. BulletCompanies were not often given a broad range of technical support and leading edge expertise that would keep them competitive in their industry.

  2. BulletPersonal service was typically lacking in this high-tech industry. There is a need to relate to the customer, their systems, their management style, and their budget.

  3. BulletCustomers were looking for consultants that were accountable, dependable, responsive, and adaptable to unique corporate needs.

  4. BulletMoney and personnel were often thrown at problems rather than solid thinking being done that resolved the real problem.

It should be no surprise, when you put a bunch of technical people together, their greatest happiness comes from solving the problems set before them.  Call us Professionals, Geeks or Nerds, happiness comes from creating clean, creative, professional solutions.


A person who is intelligent but socially and physically awkward


A bright young person turned inward


A person who is paid to undertake specialized tasks with the skills of a Geek and a Nerd but has  a personality you love!